Refugees And Immigrants

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The topic, mental health needs of a refuges and immigrant helps explain the major problem and needs of a refugees and immigrants. The word refugee refers to an individual who ran away from his motherland in fear of being persecuted, for religious freedom, discrimination, civil war, or abuse of human right. In the year 2000, there was an estimate of 40 million refuges around the world, (Pumariega, Rothe, & Pumariega, 2005). In addition it was estimated by the United Nation Commission that one out of every 135 people live in the world presently is a refugee or immigrants (Pumariega, et al., 2005).The major problem that have being identify through research studies show that a large number of refugees and immigrants experience severe anxiety …show more content…
Immigrants and refugees family can find themselves competing for resources among each other. Upon arrival immigrant family have to settle in inner cities with a cheaper housing facility, but higher crime and violence. Refugee’s children usually living in the inner city get poor education due to the overpopulation of school. Because of the lack of education, immigrant will struggle …show more content…
Because Southeast Asians have a strong support from their ethnic community, playing an important role in helping them deal with depression and cope with stress. This is due to the fact that immigrant suffer from the lack of support and understanding in their new country than any other factor.
There is a gap in literature, because studies over the years on mental health needs of a refugee and immigrants, are only based on the western perspective and have failed to developed research that address the mental health needs that is culturally affected immigrants and refugees. Because of the lack of research in the health needs of refugee population, the general finding of mental health stigma in non-western population remain a barrier in meeting the mental health of refugees and immigrant.
The finding and research were accurate, because as an immigrant, I have experienced similar pattern of stress and pattern, due to separation from family member or differences in culture. Loosing love one from far distance can be really stressful for anyone, which can result to an emotional stress. The findings from this study helps me understand the challenges refugees and immigrants face and how to help them deal with their needs as a

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