Essay on Short Story : ' Beautiful '

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Beautiful. Clever. Lively. These are all terms that could be used to describe my mom, Michelle. Although she only stands at 5’2” if you challenge my mom on a issue without facts she will come after you with a fury that shines bright in her blue eyes. But when I sat down with my mom for an interview on a cloudy Seattle saturday, I began to see a different side of this woman I had looked up to my whole life; I saw a woman who had gone to struggles just like me. As she pauses and thoughtfully answers each question, I began to get to know what her life was like before she got pregnant with me, or even before she met my dad in college. I get to know the teenager who went by Shelly, who grew up in a suburb of Portland, Oregon called Milwaukie. I learn about her struggles with grades as well as with friends, I began to finally see my mom clearly. When Michelle was little she went to Hector Campbell Elementary she lived the classic apple pie american life until she was about 12. Then her parents got divorced. She began to spend one week with her mom in a small apartment and one week with her dad in his house. Soon however, she and her mom began to fight, it became clear that she got along better with her dad. She decided to live with her dad permanently. As she lived with her dad, he began to date the Scoutmaster of her brothers Boy Scouts troop, Judy. Soon Judy moved in and she had two new step brothers.
Shelly’s life went back to normal, “When I was a kid we used to . . . take…

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