Eight Occupations In Everyday Life

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A developmental profile is a way to observe and record the occupations that a subject completes in their everyday life. In order to complete an accurate developmental profile, as many areas of occupations as possible, should be recorded. The eight occupations that humans engage in include activities of daily living (ADLs), instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), rest/sleep, work, play, leisure, education, and social participation (American Occupational Therapy Association, 2014, p. S4). The implantation of these occupations will vary between people, which makes every human unique.
Personal Data
The subject of, this developmental profile is my sister’s friend, Bridget. Bridget is from a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania, by the
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Her school is so small, that there are only eight girls and one boy, within her class. She is very particular about her grades, and currently has an A average, in all of her classes. Along with straight A’s, Bridget is also in all honor’s courses. Bridget has three favorite subjects. Theses subjects include art, English, and grammar. She loves English and art class because, she is able to express herself. Along with expressing herself in art class, Bridget is also able to continue her artwork outside of school. Along with excelling in an academic setting, Bridget also excels in extracurricular activities. Some of the extracurricular activities she is involved in include glee club, cross country, and council president. These clubs are important to Bridget because, she is able to engage in social participation. Social participation is defined as “Interweaving of occupations to support desired engagement in community and family activities as well as those involving peers and friends” (AOTA, 2014, p. S45). Through participating in an extracurricular activity, such as cross country, Bridget not only is able to interact with other peers, but also other parents, coaches, and teams. Being that she does attend a small school, it is much more difficult for her to make friends, than outside of school. Most of the girls in her class convey snobby and pretentious attitudes, which makes Bridget realize she does not want friends like that. Bridget believes that all of these girls fall into the stereotype of 8th grade girl troubles. According to Bridget, "The girls I go to school with are not my friends. We don 't share the same values. Their priorities are expensive clothes and material things. I value spending time with family. I enjoy laughing at myself" (personal communication, 2016). Bridget is someone who loves to learn new concepts. She holds a close connection with all of her

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