Short Question Questions: An Example Of The Conflict Theory Of Social Issues

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Short Answer Question #1
How is the conflict perspective used to analyze social issues? Who in society is most likely to adopt the conflict perspective? Provide an example from the course to illustrate your answer.

The conflict theory suggests that an individual’s worth in society and within class groupings is determined by the relation that individual has to power. This theory focuses on the conflicts and differences between the classes, and the tension and conflict between the classes can explain social issues. Using a conflict perspective, one can analyze and deduct that social issues arise when one group feels as though they are being treated unequally in comparison to another group and demand change. The conflict perspective suggests
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Instrumental rational action can be defined as practices that are solely focused on results, and emphasize the most efficient means of achieving those valued results, despite the possible repercussions. Instrumental rational action focuses on efficiency, and meeting a goal in the least costly and fastest way. There are many examples of instrumental rational action in the real world including the fact that jobs have become more dangerous in order to ensure that products and services are made and given efficiently (week 7 LN). Another example of instrumental rational action is the privatization of schooling. Schooling has become more focused on market needs, with the culture of higher education transforming into a place of productivity and efficiency rather than actual education. The valued goal of higher education in today’s society is creating docile and educated workers to compete in the market, and the process of receiving a higher education has become institutionalized, and focused on achieving a goal regardless of what it does to the student economically and socially. The process has become extremely focused on efficiency and cost saving measures, which is seen as the optimal method of achieving the goal. Receiving a higher education is now characterized by increased class sizes, increase in tuition, and decrease in teaching budgets. Universities have become focused on proficiency and efficiency and getting as much people educated in the shortest time for the highest profit, which illustrates the concept of instrumental rational action perfectly (WEEK 10

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