Shopping Habits For The Mall Essay

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The letters informed the mall executives on how the mall had created a spellbinding effect on their newborns. It seemed that the fussing and crying babies would immediately calm down the moment they entered the mall. This did not seem to occur anywhere else. As a result, management concluded that the cheery scents, baby powder and soothing music had created a positive memory to the babies that was infiltrated when they were originally in their mothers’ womb. Therefore, this confirms that even in the womb, marketers are able to reach new potential customers by positively impacting their moods and memories. Unfortunately, management has not been able to estimate the long-term effect on the baby shoppers. They do, however, believe that the mall experiment may have a potent effect on shopping habits for the new generation for years to come thanks to their biological programing. This case seems to have provided favorable outcomes for the mall. This was all possible because the mall was able to create biological programming by penetrating babies in the womb using a combination of senses such as: sound, taste and scents.

During this paper, we have talked about external creditable sources that supported Martin Lindstrom’s logic and theories. So I went on a hunt to find if there were any creditable sources out there that did not agree, let alone did not believe in Martin Lindstrom’s findings. However, it seemed that nearly every source was on Martin’s side and was apprising for him…

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