`` Shitty First Drafts `` By Anne Lamott And On Keeping A Notebook

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From the time I began writing essays for school, I was told that I had to write in the third person, write the complete truth, and stay on topic all the time. If I did not follow these questionable rules, the grade I received on the paper would reflect that in a negative way. I was trained to believe that each and every paper had a pre set structure and I had to stick to that structure. College completely messed that up. Works such as “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott and “On Keeping a Notebook” by Joan Didion were introduced to me and encouraged me to find my own style and stick to it. Anne Lamott’s“Shitty First Drafts” is about the writing process in general and how it is not only okay, but encouraged, that the writer creates multiple drafts of their piece. The first draft is a crucial part of the writing process because it allows the writer to pour all of their thoughts out on to the paper and then edit it to their liking. “Shitty First Drafts” is a light hearted, informative piece that illustrates the usefulness of the first draft throughout the writing. Joan Didion’s “On Keeping a Notebook” delivers a message similar to Lamott’s regarding the importance of a writing process. “On Keeping a Notebook” discusses writing as a whole and how the truth can be altered if you so please because it is your writing. Didion’s message ties into Lamott’s because they both highlight the need to get all of your thoughts on a paper and essentially ‘word vomit’ to produce a good…

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