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Just because God knows the future doesn’t mean He is up there pulling strings like a puppeteer. When I drop a piece of food on the ground, I know my dog is going to eat it, but that doesn’t mean I forced my dog to eat it. If you have seen the recent Sherlock Holmes movies (with Robert Downey Jr.) you can get a visual of what knowing the future without causing it might look like. Sherlock Holmes is very logical so he foresees immediate events (like the fight scenes) before they actually happen. Now Sherlock Holmes is just a fictional character, but If God does exist, it could be reasonably deduced that He is omniscient and He created a world that He knows all possible outcomes (because God has perfect logic) without directly causing it (pulling the strings). God does have His sovereign will, and our free will is limited only in the sense that it cannot conflict with His sovereign will. Keep in mind this is calculus level stuff, so if you are calling into question everything we know about the laws of mathematics it will be impossible for you to grasp anything at this level. …show more content…
However, the pieces that are already together show that God is a just God, and hell is a place of justice—a place where wrongs are paid for. A place where Hitler will pay for what he did, Ted Bundy will pay for what he did, and a place for everyone to pay for what they have done here on earth. We don’t deserve heaven. We deserve judgment, and hell is that place. You will pay for your sins there, no more, no less than you deserve—GOD IS

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