Shell Malaysia Case Study

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Shell is owned by Royal Dutch/Shell Group which has more than 145 branches around the world. Malaysia's first oil well was discovered by Shell on Canada Hill in Miri, Sarawak in 1910, Shell Malaysia is one of them which is wholly-owned, joint-venture and public-listed company. It was introduced in 1960 as Shell refining company berhand and they invested over RM 70 billion over the past four decades which had a current investment commitment of RM 12 billion from 2003 to 2007. In 1999 they invested worth of 1.4 billion ringgits to complete Malaysia’s first Long Residue Catalytic Cracking Unit (LRCCU) into a modern and world class refinery. Shell Malaysia involves in three core business sectors, which are power,
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Shell Malaysia aims to be the “Top performer of first choice” by controlling the business efficiently, responsibly and profitably and provide material sponsorship and resources in the areas of environmental conservation and social development. They try to pursue high standards of product quality and service performance and struggle to meet the expectations of their stakeholders, and contributing to the nation’s economic growth and progress.

Shell cares about the
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They constructed the dialogue with the aims to reach a large audience by generating ideas on road safety improvement in Malaysia. They strongly believe that a high safety culture is important for business and the environment and to them Corporate Social Responsibility is all about doing the right thing.
In Shell Malaysia’s operations road safety is an essential part, where they start educating internally through their drivers first. Their hauliers employ 780 drivers who make 400,000 trips or 64 million kilometres a year to deliver shell products nationwide, they will continue to promote road safety concerns, not only educating their drivers but also the community. Shell Malaysia will work with government departments and agencies to make the Malaysian road safer through community programmes and partnership.
During the festival period there is a high risk, shell Malaysia starts road safety campaigns to the community. These campaigns include defensive driving courses and safety awareness talks for taxi and bus drivers, not only taxi and bus drivers but also students through university programmes and national service

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