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Frank Ocean once stated, “When you're happy, you enjoy the music. But when you're sad, you understand the lyrics.” Over the years music has been become such a significant part of everyone’s daily routines. Often we find lyrics speaking the words we can’t bring ourselves to say. It’s important for the artist to keep the emotions he wants to send across in his mind when writing a future hit. Shawn Mendes, a 17 year old professional singer and songwriter has succeed in that. When I listen to his music and the words he sings, I could sense the amount of passion and emotion he puts into each song. His word choice makes the songs very relatable. To say the least, some of his songs, such as ‘A Little Too Much’ and ‘Show You’ have brought tears to my eyes because of how the lyrics told a story that I was able to connect to. A good artist, such as Shawn can have you cry but without feeling any pain because even amongst the saddest lyrics, there is comfort found.
Shawn Peter Raul
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In an interview, Shawn claimed that it wasn’t “worth something like this if I’m not 100 percent into it.” He went on to say, “Every single song that comes out, every single picture, I want to know what it looks like and what it sounds like...because if it doesn’t come out being shown how I want it to be shown, then it’s wrong. With the music, that is the most important part.” Shawn is often recognized for his songs ‘Stitches’, ‘Something Big’ and his latest one ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer ft. Camila Cabello’. He recently went back and added more songs to his album and released ‘Handwritten Revisited’- very original, right? However, he is currently in the proces of writing new song. In the same interview, Shawn added, “Most of the times, it’s me and a couple of the guys I work with, we sit down in a room and we just jam out and write music that we all truly love. That’s one of my favorite parts about the whole

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