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Assignment 2 Sharing Sources
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The hope is to narrow this distance to a small gap students can easily jump and be successful in their College pursuits. If this takes shape in the coming years we will see a sharp improvement in retention and graduation rates, there will be less transfers between institutions and more students attending high school after graduation.
The first source is the “Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research”. This resource has four main sections. Framework, Program Delivery, Study Strategies, and Reading Strategies make up these main sections. It is has a collection of research on reading and study strategies followed by evidence-base recommendations for practice. The research in this Handbook helps inform the academic department heads and faculty on how to better address the study strategies problems and concerns that students often experience in academic coursework. This Handbook should be presented to senior campus administrators so they see how developmental education will help retention and academic success.
The learning center administrator and developmental education program directors out to consider making this Handbook an integral part of their professional development, selecting chapter that have the most relevance to their program mission and objectives. It would be useful to assign chapter to the individual professional to review and report back and a summary of what works and

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