Sharia Law And Islamic Law Essay

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Sharia Law is Islamic law that most Muslims follow in order to meet one of the conditions to go to the afterlife. It’s a law that basically controls all aspect of a Muslim’s life. Sharia Law main source originally comes from the Koran, the holy book of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad ideas and beliefs that formed Sharia Law are believed to be directly from the God Allah himself, so Muslims believe that it’s sacred. Over time Islamic scholars interpreted the meaning of the Sharia Law and adjust to changing situations that was happening as society evolved. According to BBC News, “Classical Sharia manuals are often divided into four parts: laws relating to personal acts of worship, laws relating to commercial dealings, laws relating to marriage and divorce, and penal laws.” The judicial system in Islam countries primarily use Sharia Law principles to settle disputes of people. So that, “Muslim jurists consider the judiciary as one of the essential foundations of governance in the Shariah, in view of its important role in protecting mankind, preserving their rights, and in repelling any violation or transgression of these rights.” There are primarily three types of crimes in Sharia Law, Hudud crimes, Qisas crimes, and Tazir crimes. Hudud crimes are the serious crimes such as adultery results in having harsh punishments. Qisas crimes are also serious and usually involve murder and also have harsh punishments. Tazir crimes are considered minor crime thus have the offender…

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