Itch Case Study Essay

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Master Aryan’s parents noticed that he was constantly itching his scalp. Despite examining his scalp, they could not find anything significant. Theyat also tried over the counter shampoos, but the condition persisted. Aryan is 4 years and has no significant medical problems. Hygiene was never an issue and Aryan’s friends did not have any significant skin problems for him to contract it from them. Despite trying different shampoos Aryan was continueding to itch his scalp and it was getting infected. Lymph nodes started enlarging on the back of his scalp. That is when Aryan’s parents decided to get medical help.

Itchy scalp in children is quite common. Almost 50% of children develop an itchy scalp at some point. A chronic itchy scalp if left untreated may lead to significant distress in children and
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A dermatology consultation may help to locate lice or fungal infection and make the correct diagnosis .

Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis
This condition is due to an overgrowth of yeast on the scalp. For mild conditions, you could use over the counter shampoos containing zinc pyrithione which help control the itchy scalp. If the condition still persists, you need to visit your dermatologist to exclude other causes like lice, psoriasis or eczema. This condition should respond within 2 to 3 weeks in most cases.

They are easily diagnosed by demonstrating the nits (eggs) attached to the scalp. They look like dandruff but they are stuck to the hair shaft and do not move easily like dandruff flakes.
Lice can be treated with shampoos contain permethrin or ivermectin. Please visit your dermatologist to get the right prescription for lice as some over the counter lice preparation may not have to right composition of permethrin and this may lead to resistance to the medicine. Lice treatment usually clears within 2 weeks.


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