Shakespeare 's Sonnets From The Portuguese : 43 By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Love is a strong emotion that has different connotations and levels. As one of the most powerful human emotions, wars have been fought over it and millions of works of literature have been devoted to it. However, despite it being thoroughly researched, love’s ability to persuade one to act out of character is still befuddling. These authors share a common theme that love is confusing and paradoxical, but still has the immense power to affect a person’s perspective on the world around him or her. The poets use metaphors to describe love and its place in the world, and they use irony to illustrate how the definition of love can be unconventional and conflicting.

All the poets use various comparisons to nature and core values to define love and describe its effects on others.“Sonnets from the Portuguese:43” written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in the Victorian Period, is one of the most famous love poems of this period. It depicts the numerous ways that the poet loves her beloved,and how her devotion is so strong, it will continue after death. Browning 's poem uses similes to describe how passionate her love for her husband. Her initial repetition of “I love thee” emphasizes her devotion. She states “I love thee freely, as men strive for right;/I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.” This illustrates how love has liberated her soul. A lot of people fear love because they view it as a surrendering of power and leaving oneself open to be hurt. “The cycle begins…

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