Shakespeare 's Othello - Power Of Language Essay

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The Power of Language in Shakespeare 's Othello In Othello, the contamination of linguistic matter (whether through verbal or human associations, through deliberate perversion, or by senseless mouthing of meaninglessness) ultimately destroys the ordered control of normal behaviour patterns, personal or social (Shaw 306). In one of the finest play written by William Shakespeare, language is not only the medium that conveys the drama but also the action. For example, talking about an event will alter reality as if that event had happened, as it makes that event become true for those who hear it. Othello descends into exasperated jealousy because he trusts a man whose every assertion is deceitful. When the tragic hero is taken in by deceptive words, tragedy is unavoidable. The play portrays the power of language as the characters build up their identities through language, and employ power either by communicating, silencing others or remaining silent. In Othello, the relationship between language and events is examined. Shakespeare shows the power of words through Othello 's and Iago 's monologues. When Othello speaks, readers can see that he is struggling with the reality that is created by Iago 's disingenuous words, and that he cannot stop himself from carrying out acts that Iago 's words have set up and prophesied. Talking about en event is foretelling in Othello, as acknowledging the power of words cannot protect the characters from the outcome that the words cause. On…

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