Personal Narrative: The Shade Of Education

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The Shade of Education
In all of my years as a student I have experience many teaching style and encounter from good to bad teachers. I can recall my parents changing me schools often because we were a family that moved frequently. I met many teachers from different countries, making the experience different from one another. I experienced teachers like the banking concept and attend schools like Rose’s. But attending school wasn’t an option as we grew, throughout our childhood we’re always taught that education is the key to success without the parents having knowledge of the school system. As we grow older the phrase “you need to go to school” was enforced. Since a majority of our parents didn’t make it higher than elementary, they don’t
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Don’t question the professor even thought he might not have a sense of logic. This style of teaching is practice often many student go on without double thinking what the teacher had been lecturing for the passing hour as longest they remember the lecture that’s all it matters. Just enough to pass the class, students don’t bother with asking questions or to ask the teacher to explain his theory. From my years of schooling, I experienced a few teachers that practiced this technique. I never dared to ask a question even if I was confused about the material because teachers can be so cruel and embarrass you in front of your classmates. Dictation comes along with cruelty, the teacher would crush you like an insert just because you made them repeat and interrupt their lecture. Therefore students rather are quite and just hear the lecture, all we can do is take note and don’t have opinions towards the material. Students don’t get the help they need in school and at home, not an option. The Parent just demand but don’t know the full knowledge behind the school boards or the struggle of the catching up on the material they don’t get. This teaching style is mostly practiced in the most critical stage of every child’s education elementary. Elementary is the foundation of our whole education structure we get so far behind that by the time we reach high school, we are so far behind …show more content…
But at the end of the day it comes with the same resolution banking concept teacher just talk and talk while students listen and take note. It isn’t easy trying to figure out new stuff on our own and let alone other people just informing quick facts without explaining it to clarity. Just because you lecture a class without explain the logic behind it, doesn’t mean you’re doing your job as a teacher. It only means the student is taking good notes but in reality isn’t learn the hard facts of the material and doesn’t understand why is the out coming the specific answer. All they know the teacher said it, making him right for all they know. And we the student carry on with this struggle throughout our journey of education, thinking is this way but that how we understood but in reality we have been doing it wrong our whole life. Soon or later we come to realize that the whole time all we could have done is raised our hand and ask that terrifying question we all fear “I don’t understand “and maybe the teacher would of embarrass the student at the moment but at least he won’t be in the dark about the way the teacher was explaining his answer to the question on the textbook. Education is key, but the style of teaching is very most important to every student that lives in the shade of

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