Sexualization Of The Female Body Essay

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Sexualization of the female body is something that has not just been realized. It has been around for decades. It comes in many forms from media, music, movies, and person to person contact. Society pressures females to reach and ideal body image. This can be seen in a positive way and a negative way. The female image has changed and evolved over the years from being stay at house wives to some would say equal to men and others would say there is a glass ceiling between men and women. While both sides have their opinions both sides are right with their respective reasons. Sexualization is not just created by one person or even a group of people it 's created from a common idea that is brought across through popular media which comes in

many forms. But media is not the only cause of sexualizing women it is a wide range of causes from indirect media to as direct as a parent raising a child.

Sexualization of the female body comes in many forms such as: mass media, movies, music, popular fashion, the internet, video games,advertising and person to person contact. Society has received the idea from many forms of media that females are a sex symbol. While some would agree with this others would say that it empowers women to use their sexuality to their benefit. It is ignorant to say that sex doesn’t sell. This is why in advertising some companies and franchises when they try to sell their product some will use sex appeal or use provocative actions or showing…

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