Sexualization Of The Female Body Essay

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Sexualization of the female body is something that has not just been realized. It has been around for decades. It comes in many forms from media, music, movies, and person to person contact. Society pressures females to reach and ideal body image. This can be seen in a positive way and a negative way. The female image has changed and evolved over the years from being stay at house wives to some would say equal to men and others would say there is a glass ceiling between men and women. While both sides have their opinions both sides are right with their respective reasons. Sexualization is not just created by one person or even a group of people it 's created from a common idea that is brought across through popular media which comes …show more content…
Knowing it or not parents can be sexualizizing their children. An exaggerated example of this would be the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras this show has toddlers which is roughly ages three and older being put in beauty pageants. A child is very vulnerable at this age. This is when a child 's brain is developing the most and taking in a lot about how they are suppose to act as a part of society. In a more common an overlooked way of sexualizing the female body a mother and or father can create this by making their child dress a certain way or make them have a set of morals and since parents are the first thing children socialize too that makes parents the most likely to give the child a particular view on how they should carry themselves as a person. A more common example for the average person would be a mother and father taking their child to church and having them dress conservatively, for example button up shirt or a long dress. Not only does going to church them morals compared to a family that doesn’t but it also it makes them want to dress in a respective matter instead of just wearing something to show off their body. Even children sexualize females, by other females correcting their friend by telling them what to wear or telling them something to do. One of the most influential thing on kids and teenagers is their friends. Peer pressure can be an important force in sexualization of females. Males can sexualize in a more indirect way by harassing women and possibly making sexual remarks that contributes to sexualization of the female

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