Essay on Sexuality From An Asian Household, Sexuality

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Coming from an Asian household, sexuality was a very hush-hush topic. My mother gave me a few lessons on what certain bodily functions would occur once puberty hit, like my period and the sanitation that comes along with it. My public school did not teach sexual health in our biology classes either. Although my mother gave me a few lessons, I ended up learning about sexuality from dating experiences, older friends, and the media.

While growing up, my mother would pull me aside after dinner to teach me from a book called the “Period Book”. It was a cartoon and diagram based book which explained puberty to young girls. This was helpful but slightly uncomfortable, which I assume was the same for most people my age. When I was sixteen and started to date, my mother became terminally ill. This caused a difference in how my mother and I spoke to each other. I would not concern her with any boyfriend or sexuality issues that arose in my teens because I wanted to gain other sorts of wisdom from her, such as how to care for a baby and what her early twenties were like in Japan. During that period of time, I did not realize how much I should have asked her about aspects of sexuality, like birth control options, pregnancy tips, and about knowing if a man is “good for me”.

My main source for learning about sexuality has been from dating older men. I know this sounds odd, but dating older men has taught me many things, like how sex is like when the man actually anatomically…

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