Sexuality And A Person 's View On Sexuality Essay example

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Sexuality is a concept that has been socially constructed. People live their lives judging others and themselves based on what society has taught them to believe is “normal” and “abnormal” to the extent that they begin to neglect their own thoughts and beliefs. While many sexologists believe that sexuality is purely based on reproduction and heterosexuality, Freud encourages the idea that a person’s sexual instincts revolve more around their feelings for contentment and gratification. Kelly James reinforces Freudianism by sharing similar beliefs and ideas in her text, “Sexual Pleasure,” saying that pleasure is the main focus in a person’s sexual desires and that various cultures and the society have a huge influence on a person’s view on sexuality. Steven Seidman introduces Freudianism through the text “Freud: between biology and sociology.” Freud tries to map the connection between human psychology and a person’s sex drives. He believes that sex represents the core part of a person and that there is more to sexuality than sexual intercourse. Although he accepts much of what sexologists have to offer, such as their definition of sexual abnormality and their belief that sexuality is the root to a person’s feelings and emotions, he has differing views as well. Freud considers the pleasures beyond sexual intercourse and observes foreplay, as well as other intercourse without genitals, in belief that a person’s sexual instincts are aimed towards pleasure. He believes that…

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