Sexual Violence Case Study

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Recommendation for policy action on sexual violence towards women in England and Wales.

The notion of sexual violence towards women is a normalized dynamic with treatment that is based on women reporting the act and the criminal justice system doing its part, however, this completely erases the idea of sexual violence victims having further trauma with the invasive investigating proceedings. Sexual violence is seen as an individualized crime, with the survivor’s body being the main evidence in the crime at hand, thus the criminal justice system positions the bodies as if they are materials. This neglecting of the survivors, and placing importance on the violated body makes it hard for women to report these acts committed
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This can help the authorities understand better what can be done to make sure the women’s perspective is considered the investigation. The Classes can give women assistant on coping with what happened from this traumatic experience and doing it in a healthy way that doesn’t result in creating negative effects. Many countries across the world have been developing educational classes of sexual violence and consent. These programs in North America are seen as being helpful to an extent, as communication about consent is only so effective. Having series of permanent programs instead of one-off programs are more effective in preventing sexual violence. The idea of consent is an important concept in understanding sexual violence; as a result, the author indicates how complex consent and sex can be, especially in an ongoing relationship where sexual violence is more common. Nonetheless, the complexity of sexual consent and violence is an important discussion that needs to be addressed and education programs are a method that can deliver awareness. Therefore, it can be said that educational classes on sexual violence can make a difference in preventing such …show more content…
Education on sexual violence can increase awareness and maybe even help authorities understand women’s perspective when trying to solve cases, as if sexual violence does happen, they can approach it in a more sensitive yet effective manner. This option is the most straightforward and easiest task to do in my mind and I think that the ideas around sexual violence aren’t being presented properly to women who need to know. Women need to be educated on sexual violence and how to prevent it from occurring, with theses classes I think women will be more aware and less afraid of sexual violence because they can understand it better. Moreover, another option that is useful is training or reforming police and other authority services approaches to sexual violence in a manner that doesn’t create a “second rape” for the survivors. Many women are scared to come forward and report to the authorities of their experience with sexual violence, adding reforms can change the way authorities interact with the survivors. This shows that the authorities are making an effort to understand and caring to these types of situations. In conclusion, this option is notable because it has the most potential in being a long-term remedy for having the authorities approach these cases with more respect and

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