Sexual Orientation And Discrimination

Sexual Orientation and Inequality
Out of all of the social problems in America, inequality based on sexual orientation has been one of the most talked about issues in quite a few years. Americans have been forced to gradually accept homosexuals due to the supreme court’s ruling on gay marriage. However, the struggles and issues that LGBTQ(XZ) people face are far from solved. People still discriminate against people in the LGBTQ(XZ) people are a part of our country whether everyone likes it or not, and we need to become more aware of the struggles that they are facing in order to end the inequality.
Discrimination based on sexual orientation has been happening for a long period of time, and the main argument in support of discriminating against
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However, many heterosexual individuals do not give much thought to the horrible violence that these people experience. While it may not seem to occur very often, “there were 24 reported bias-motivated killings of L.B.G.T. people in 2015, a 20 percent increase from the year before…” (CITE). LGBTQ(XZ) people live in fear for their lives because of their sexual orientation, which is extremely unfair and sad. Everyone in the United States should feel as though their life and safety matters, but this is not the case for thousands of people in our country who do not identify as heterosexuals. LGBTQ(XZ) people risk their health and safety when they hold hands in public, kiss each other, and even go to the doctor’s office because of their …show more content…
The article blames society for these issues because we have constructed stereotypes and other negative thoughts about people who are not heterosexual. Many different sociological perspectives have solutions and theories about members of the LGBTQ(XZ) community, and these perspectives can apply to the issues raised in the article. The functionalist theory would suggest that laws discriminating against the LGBTQ(XZ) people are necessary in order to uphold the values and morals of our country. Supporters of this theory often state that the acceptance of gay marriage would corrupt our families and social institutions because it is not the “norm” in the American society. However, the conflict theory supports the ideas that were discussed in the article and places the blame on our society for accepting laws that discriminate and take away the rights of any American citizen based on their sexuality. Supporters of the conflict theory would suggest that people continue to protest peacefully and stand up for equal rights in every aspect of their lives, whether it be the right to marry or the right to adopt children. As our textbook explained it, “conflict and liberal political analysts believe that political activism is important because members of the LGBTQ(XZ) community need to have a “voice” in political decisions and to be

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