Sexual Molestation And Sexual Abuse Essay examples

1755 Words Mar 9th, 2016 8 Pages
Sexual molestation to me is a very sore subject to deal with or even write about. The definition of sexual molestation is the action of forcing undesired sexual behavior by one person to another. To me, there are many different things that come to my mind when those words are mentioned. Those words have been drilled into my mind ever since I was about 6 years old. When I first learned what those words meant, I began to develop more fear than I have ever felt. Even though I was very young, I always tend to blame myself for the fact that I was never able to say no. I constantly lived in fear to be judged for something I could not stop. Sexual molestation is something I lived with and fought through by myself until last year. I knew my family knew something was wrong with me, but they never asked me about it. I suspected that someone knew, yet they never had the guts to to say anything. My years of pain stopped once high school came along. Once my family knew what happened to me I was placed into therapy as they now knew something was wrong with me. Once I met my therapist, I was finally given the chance to speak up and be myself around her. When I told her about my goals she was surprised that I actually had them. She was surprised due to the fact that most of her patients that went through sexual molestation were not inspired to try in life. Sexual molestation is rarely mentioned in today’s society, but it does not matter if it said. What matters is that people should know…

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