Sexual Disorders And Sexual Behavior Essay

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Sexual dysfunction is characterized by a difficulty or decreased in sexual activity that could result to shame and other sexual and relationship problems by an individual or a couple. It often makes people embarrassed to talk about it and limits them to make the issue known due to the sensitivity of the topic. Although there are many factors to explain sexual dysfunction, it is imperative that as a nurse, one must know how to facilitate a discussion about sexuality with the patient in order to elicit pertinent information to understand the dysfunction.
It is important to recognize that “patients may cue the nurse into the presence of sexual concerns without explicitly verbalizing them (Halter, 2014, p. 385). Therefore, the nurse must be very attentive on the client’s verbal and nonverbal behaviors during the accumulation of subjective and objective data. The client’s nonverbal behaviors that may indicate sexuality concerns are “showing discomfort by blushing, looking away, making tight fists, fidgeting, crying” and “openly engaging in overt sexual behaviors” (Halter, 2014, p. 386). The client’s verbal behaviors that could also indicate concerns about sexuality include expressing concerns about relationship with partner when the client says “My partner doesn’t feel the same about me,” expressing concerns over sexual performance when the client says “I can’t perform like I used to do,” and expressing concerns over lack of sexual desire when the client says “I’m not interested…

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