Sexual Description Of Female Victims Essay

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The use of sexual description of female victims also acts as a method of victim blaming (Malamuth & Check, 1981). The way in which a victim is described and the details surrounding her persona play an influential role in the way she is represented. The inclusion of details of her past relationships, her appearance, whether she had been drunk or on drugs, where she had been and what her activities are often aimed to blame the victim for her attack (Meyers, 1997). In the same report on the rape accusations of Quinten Hann, The Independent published details about the female’s previous relationships, claiming “she had a one-night stand with a man in the past to get "revenge" on her boyfriend for being unfaithful” (Verkaik, 2002, n.p). Moore (2015) suggests that factors such as alcohol consumption, drug abuse or sexual character are likely to reduce an adult, female’s victim status alongside decreasing the accountability of the perpetrator. This is illustrated within news reports through the consistent inclusion to whether the female had been drinking. The Guardian displayed this type of victim blaming through its reporting of “a woman who admitted to being so drunk she did not know whether she had consented to sex” (Bowcott, 2015, n.p). Methods such as this are subtle ways of victim blaming. It is worth highlighting that recently news organisations have tended to shift the attention away directly blaming victims, and instead have begun to focus on the perpetrator. The…

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