Sexual Assaulted By Males Essay

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Most people think that men can not get sexually assaulted, but it is pretty common to hear about male victims of sexual assault, but not as common as hearing about ladies getting sexually assaulted. If a person ever heard about a men getting sexually assaulted you probably think about prison or if the male is homosexual; that can be the case, but actually most male victims get sexually assaulted by ladies. The actual definition of sexual assault is” the sexual exploitation, forcible penetration, or an act of sexual contact on the body of another person, male or female, without his or her consent.” When men get sexually assaulted they have to deal with a lot like having to do deal with the aftermath. Alos all the emotional and physical pain …show more content…
Most men who get sexually assaulted are afraid to tell anyone about it because they feel like they would be judge and people would start treating them differently. If male get sexually assaulted by a male the victim is a homesual or that he was is confused about his sexuality. Then if a male get sexually assaulted by a women no would believe him because everyone would think since he 's a guy he should of fought back or that since he 's a guy he didn’t try to fight back because he wanted it but it is not true it is pretty common for men or anyone to freeze up well they are getting sexually assaulted (Rosin). Some male victims actually do speak, but no one wants to listen and if they do they still want believe him but they do all say the same thing “ Well you’re a guy, you 're supposed to be strong”. This is why it is so hard for male victims of sexual assault to speak up because when they do no one believes them just because they are guys and that 's not right at all. It is time that male victims of sexual assault should speak up. They need not be afraid anymore and get help. Also if sexual assaults can happen to girls then it can happen to guys too, all they want is to be heard and for someone to pay for what they have done to them. Now that more people are finding out that there are male victims of sexual assault and most of them aren 't

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