Essay on Sexual Assault And Sexual Harassment

1079 Words Sep 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Chloe Morris
Professor Reid
Gender 200
26 September 2016
Sexual Assault and Misconduct in Women’s Prisons Prisons are home to those who have been involved in any sort of illegal criminal activity and they are usually divided into men’s and women’s prisons or just wards. Women’s prisons house females of all different backgrounds and cultures and they have all experienced life differently. Having different backgrounds and cultures also include the reasons of why these women are in prison and that is their crime. Many women may feel much safer after they go to prison since they will be secured by security guards and the walls of the prison. But with the mixture of people who have committed many different criminal acts there is a high risk or criminal activity going on in prisons. A large issue that occurs in men and women prisons is sexual assault and misconduct from those inside the prison either as an inmate or as a security guard. Orange is the New Black sheds light on these issues of sexual violence and issues that commence in federal and state prisons and that affect men and women of all personal and criminal backgrounds. In Orange is the New Black we see many issues that affect the prisoners and are the motives for sexual assault and misconduct. Sexuality of the inmates plays a major role in how they are treated. If the inmate is a certain sexual orientation you can be looked at in many different ways and some inmates will not respect you. Your social class can also be…

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