Essay on Sexual And Gender Development : My Years Of Development

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Sexual and gender development is one of the least explored topics for me personally through my years of development. From early on in life I felt I was given the same heterosexual expectations as my other male counterparts and it wasn 't until much later on that I began to question the topic of sex and gender identity. It was from an early age I was socialized as a male and expected to adhere to the role of acting like a boy. This meant playing only certain toys, wearing the right clothes and watching the shows that all the other kids would talk about. For many children I think you really become aware once you begin becoming attracted to your peers, and when you begin considering the concept of liking someone it begins to change the way you interact them. Even as children we are managing our peers based on who they like and choose to be around. I think the most powerful influence in forming your gender comes from your culture first, then your immediate family/guardians, and finally your friends/peers. The one person I can think of who influenced me the most would be my older brother because I as a kid growing up that who I compared myself to and tried to emulate some of the same behaviors because I admired him. One of the ways I tried to do this was by learning martial arts like him because I saw how he could protect himself. As a male you are almost constantly reminded to behave in a tough and exacting manner even from a young age. Another way I emulated my brother was…

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