Gender Roles In Western Culture

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In America it is very common for an individual to be discriminated against due to their gender. The term used to describe this utter disrespect is sexism. Sexism is not bias to a specific gender it happens to both females and males. Society continues to blindly accept this poor treatment of others in: schools, sports, jobs and relationships. To begin with, sexism is very common and has its own set of distinctive traits. These traits can be divided into two categories institutionalized and cultural. As stated by Helen Tierney part of the definition of gender roles in western culture involves assumptions about the types of occupations, lifestyles, and abilities that are held to be appropriate for women and men. Both genders start to build …show more content…
Institutions such public schools and universities server as a catalyst for sexism. Research has found that science teacher spend 4o percent more time with the males in the class rather than females (Klein). In prior history it was foreign for women to major in certain occupations. Being that those traditional customs upheld in the United States, when barriers where broken down men were left with sexist attitudes. In Fact Nathan Harden once said in 2012 a study at Yale Law School, men made 58 percent of comments in the classroom, while women made 42 percent. Being that classrooms are already male dominated the females feel inferior to the males. The response of the school was to stop asking students for their opinion all together; however, that only shows that the institution already had low expectations for the females. Sexism depicts the image of an individual negatively. In many high schools dress codes serve as a divisions between students. Faculty at many schools make females feel self-conscious with the constant reminders that their bodies are distractions. Many school contradict their dress codes when it comes to both genders; females are not allowed to wear skirts above the knee while boys can wear shorts above the knee (Carroll). At early ages institutions create the concept that females should be ashamed and hide the body with overly baggy apparel like they are …show more content…
Most females with the same qualifications as males will not make the cert over the male. In fact, Houghton Milton Harcourt stated women may account for only 25 percent of the upper‐level managers in large corporations. This is unjustified for females who went to school and educated themselves. Pay rate is another major issue within sexism in the workplace. Studies show woman make 86 cents to every dollar a male makes (Fairchild).This makes an uneven playing field between males and females who will eventually stop applying. It is no surprised females do not place the above the level jobs in work places. It was stated that additional to women getting paid less they also get the positions to the minimum wage jobs (Berman). If any gender is qualified to do a specific job they should be hired but there should be no gender

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