Sex Education Is Too Much For Teenagers Essay

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Sex education remains one of the most critical areas of discussion among teenagers. However, the topic presents challenges especially where the community’s culture is rather conservative. In this case, sex education is considered “too much” for teenagers. This discussion aims at exploring into the topic from the perspective of two articles. In the comparative analysis section, the topic of sex education is brought into perspective based on each article. It is found that the authors of both articles appreciate the importance of sex education among the teenagers. For instance, Sex Education and Sexual Experience among adolescents article links sex education to reduced levels of STIs. Furstenberg et al demonstrate that sex education is key in increasing awareness among the teenagers on the negative impacts of unprotected sex. In addition, the authors argue that sex education is a critical step towards reducing the rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including HIV/AIDs. According to Furstenberg et al, there is a prevalence of 19% of STDs among teenagers in America. Therefore, the authors propose that teens should be educated on matters concerning sex consistently before they graduate in high schools. (Furstenberg et al 2005). Similarly, Marsiglio and Mott (2006) approach the issue from the same perspective. The authors root for intense sex education among teens as well as the use of contraceptives. Marsiglio and Mott argue that the only way to safe sex is to…

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