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“Sex and relationships are matters of personal choice.” Discuss In modern society as the idea of sex and relationships becomes more liberal the purpose of sex and relationships comes under further analysis. In what is really a matter of just under a century sex before marriage has transformed from a concept that was once expected to one which is rarely practiced and as the attitude towards single mothers takes a similar U-turn we are forced to analyse the purpose of such concepts. Nowadays by many, sex is seen more and more as a leisurely activity which is in stark contrast to the idea previously held where the purpose of sex was seen as purely for reproductory purposes. It therefore raises the question of whether we should have the …show more content…
Surely this would then imply that it is not necessarily natural to be able to reproduce otherwise God would cause every sexual act to result in a pregnancy. The precept could therefore be described as an imperfect duty as it cannot be achieved by all. Natural Law does promote an attitude towards sex and relationships by which they are matters of duty towards reproduction rather than a personal choice, however I would take issue with their logic towards arriving at this duty. Another ethical theory with a religious grounding, the Divine Command Theory takes God’s will as the foundation for Morality. It therefore uses sources such as the Bible as a basis for morality with laws such as those written in the Decalogue providing the foundation of the theory. In direct relevance the bible states in Genesis 9:7 God commands us “to be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it." This implies that we as “children of God” have the duty to reproduce in order to continue the human race. It would therefore seem that as a logical progression that the sole point of a relationship according to God would be to facilitate and provide an environment for sex from which reproduction may occur. This implies that sex and relationships are in fact not matters of personal choice but rather matters of duty towards God. However I do take issue with this point when you consider the duties of Roman Catholic priests. They are expected to remain celibate

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