Teacher Won Back License After Sex-Abuse Claims

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Titilayo Oyewumi
Teacher Won Back License After Sex-Abuse Claims
A teacher, James Swafford who fought a state order had his teaching License reinstated and all chargers of sex abuse allegations at a Tennessee high school was dropped. He went to teach and coach 3 more districts before being fired for striking a student. His teaching license was revoked because of similar sex allegations. He had a successful plea as well admitting he made several mistakes. Swafford did not mention after he resigned from a teaching position is that he sent love letters to a 17-year-old girl. Reported in a report “Coach Swafford gives gifts of underwear to her and kissed her. … At one-point Coach Swafford wrote at least one love letter to the student saying he
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The child protective service takes the sex abuse seriously with child in the sense that it causes a lot of emotional for the child and ability to think straight. The critical issue is that the teacher is been alleged having sex abuse and send love letters, underwear to a sixteen years old student. The issue is affected the children basically on sexually abuse, these children they are all minor for someone older than them and having sexual relationship with them is very bad and is not tolerated in the environment we are is totally call child abuse. Also, cause a lot of thing in child life, emotionally and she will never trust anybody around her and think they are all belong to the same category. Its cause the agency itself a lot of money and time consuming by sending the student to the right source to get treatment like medical help, counseling and follow up the student. Moreover, what I will do to change the negatively is that whoever having sexual abuse the minor will routing into jail and the school district should provide cameras into the school by doing this those teacher will caution themselves. Also, orientate the students as well not involve in those acts and report the case

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