Separating Success From Excellence : Success And Excellence Essay

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Separating Success from Excellence
So many of us focus on success, and at times we become obsessed. Society leads us to believe that success is the only way to truly be fulfilled in life. Not understanding that pursuing excellence can not only be fulfilling, but also rewarding. Engaging in this assignment has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of the differences between success and excellence.
In reading the article, “Success vs. Excellence” it was noted that even though success and excellence have similar qualities, they are still very different. The article lists some notable differences between success and excellence. In discussing the differences, the author states, “To succeed is to attain a desired object or desired result. It doesn’t necessarily mean doing one’s best”, and “to excel means to continue to improve or develop. It includes a sense of rightness or goodness.” Another notable difference is success is temporary, but if we strive for excellence in everything we do and glorify God we will achieve excellence. Furthermore, the article reiterated “Johnston distinguishes excellence as “a certain style of life, a manner of living” while he states success is “attaining cultural goals that are sure to elevate one’s perceived importance within that culture.” Finally, Sackett noted that are focus should be on achieving excellence. It becomes a way of life that ultimately leads us to success (Sackett, 2012).
I think about success a lot. In being an…

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