Semiotic Analysis Of How To Train Your Dragon And My Little Phony

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For my semiotic analysis I will be comparing the websites of two childrens tv series’ websites, How To Train Your Dragon and My Little Pony. These are two of the most popular children shows for todays generation. I will be exploring the codes and design elements used, how they convey ideas and are aimed toward a certain demographic. The main elements of a website include the logo, navigation, colour, font and the graphic design or the information and the layout. These elements work together to form a story and tell us about the brand, who its aimed at and what it is.

Lets start by comparing the logos, for the How To Train Your Dragon logo, the name of the brand has been simplified to ‘Dragons’. The main codes of the logo includes the word
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The main focus is the word ‘pony’ as it’s the largest word. The white font stands out against the light blue, purple and pink. The text is in bubble and hand writing style fonts with hearts in replace of the letter cutouts. Above the font is a pink and purple rainbow and below a cloud like shape saying ‘ friendships is magic’ in capitals. All of the edges are curved and soft. The logo looks a bit like a sticker. Reflecting the use of the word ‘magic’ used in the logo is the rainbow and cloud shape. The style of the font allows for the design to be fun, the handwriting style gives it a personal touch and the heart cutouts make it cute, interesting and fun. The softs curved edges, hearts, colours and design are light, soft. It seems to reflect something magical, it’s cute, fun and pretty. The colours are used together with all of the other elements to aim to the demographic of young girls. This design is relateable and comfortable to …show more content…
The whole design is rectangles or squares that interlock together. These contain videos, updates and ‘hot content’. The main focus of this sight is the content, to see whats going on, find out about the action. The first thing you see is an image promoting the new series, there is a boy and a girl that appear to be fighting eachother, its promoting the newst series, their facial expressions portay it to be play fighting as they do not seem to be hostile or mad. This makes it fun you want to see the outcome. They’re wearing armour, and hunched toward eachother it looks like something is about to happen, making you want to find out and creating a sense of urgency. The videos on the right show dragons with their mouths open and teeth showing, one they seem to be flying to battle and the other of a dragon attacking these specific scenes have been selected for the image of the video to create action and the urgency for the viewer to see what will happen. Red little flames are repeated all over the site, expressing its hot content, it tells you how many people have viewed it, you get to be one of these people if you join in. This shows you how popular the show is and you get to be included within this group of people enjoying the show. You’re even welcomed with a little introduction on the bottom right to include you, make you a part of the

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