Essay On Semester Reflection

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Semester Reflection
Throughout this semester in English 100, we have written 3 essays each one having different main ideas. The first article we wrote was a profile essay, we interviewed a person or place of our chose and wrote about what it was like to be that person for a day or be at that certain place for a day. The second essay was about a review on something we enjoyed so I decided to write about Grey’s Anatomy of course. Our last essay was about a proposal on a certain idea or headline in the world. I decided to write my essay about why parents should give their children vaccines. While writing these essays I have learned a lot about myself as a writer.
When I began to write my first essay I knew it would be a challenge since I wasn’t always that good at writing essays. We began to do activities in class that helped us get a better idea of what we wanted to write about. As I began to work on my essay I realized that it wasn’t that hard as I always made it out to be. When we got the topic of a profile essay I began to worry again because I couldn’t decide who to do my essay on. After about a day of thinking about it I decided to write about my sister who works at a local nursing home. After I got my topic I thought I wasn’t going to have any troubles, but I was wrong. When I write an essay, I get frustrated with the introduction of
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As in the first essay I need to work on adding more details into my paper. I’m going to try to make sure that when I talk about why Grey’s Anatomy is a great show to watch I can add more details about the show. Mentioning why the show was created and how created it will be a good way to add more details into my paper. In the paper, I also talk about why I think that the show is a great show to watch I think I could add more details to that as well like who introduced me to the

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