Selling Obesity : An Unhealthy Advertising Strategy Essay

1045 Words Mar 26th, 2016 null Page
Selling Obesity With Mississippi leading the pack in the war of the bulge, McDonalds released an amazingly unhealthy advertising strategy. The New Year approached along with the millions of New Year’s resolutions to be fit, the McPick two from McDonalds was born. This year McDonalds is selling not only value, but misconception, and obesity. The McPick two is a special that the McDonalds franchise is offering up. With this special you get a choice of any two hot and savory burgers from their massive menu at the low cost of five dollars. An amazing value if I do say so myself. It’s truly unbelievable that McDonalds could serve up a deal so smoking hot without ulterior motives in mind. The franchise is rolling up their sleeves to accommodate the overflow of hungry consumers this year, and several of their competitors are following suit this year. It’s safe to say that the New Year and millions of New Year’s resolutions to be fit played a major role in the release of this to good to be true amazing value deal. I find McDonald’s latest marketing strategy appalling and ingenious. I say this because to the naked eye this deal seems to be the best thing going for the cost conscious human being. It appears that fast food industry, such as McDonalds, is willing to lose money in order to feed the masses, but in reality they are making consumers spend more money. How may you ask? They are selling just the delectable succulent burgers two for…

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