Selling Cars And Making A Profit Essay

1725 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
Selling Cars and Making a Profit, Theres many people who have created their own, at home business, of buying and selling cars for a profit and doing very well at it. You don 't need a huge capitol outlay to start this business and not even a great mechanical knowledge, although naturally this would give you an advantage. However, if you are interes ted enough in cars, you will generally pick up a grasp of what goes wrong mechanically with cars, along the way, plenty of books to learn all about this anyway. Buying a cheap car is really easy, sources such as your local auctions, Craigslist inc., Ebay, newspaper’s classified ads.You really know what to look for. Car auctions are my favorite as they are fast and can be very cheap buying. They can be loaded with repossessions, or, dealer trade in. What I look out for at car auctions are dirty looking cars. Everyone avoids these like anything because they think they 're old wrecks. They sure might be but they can also be an older person 's car that 's being left outside under the trees, or, just someone who couldn 't be bothered cleaning it. The advantages of used car auctions price. The first very obvious advantage the reason most consumers consider an auction is the potential of finding a used car at a very good price. The prices at an auction aren 't usually available elsewhere. Retailers can 't compete with auction prices, so you could potentially find a well-conditioned car at a very reduced price. Another pro is the huge…

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