Essay on Smoke Free Market Rate Multi Unit Housing

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Indicators: 2.2.13 and 1.1.2
2.2.13 - Smoke-free Market Rate Multi-Unit Housing: The number of jurisdictions with a policy prohibiting smoking in the individual units of market rate multi-unit housing including balconies and patios

Who is impacted by the problem (National and state-level data within the last 3 years)?

There is a high prevalence of people who smoke at multi-unit housing that attracts people to secondhand smoke. Groups impacted include:

Tenants (non-smokers): Tenants living in apartments shown to have the most problem and exposure of smoke. Smoke that can be drifting from patios, balconies and outdoor common areas through open windows, doors and shared ventilation systems. Pregnant Women: High exposure to smoke can cause many negative externalities to a pregnant women including her new born infant.
Children/Elderly: This group has a higher chance of experiencing health problems due to second hand smoking.
Individuals with asthma: There is a 5.3% of morbidity of older adults living with asthma for Tulare County, CA (CDC, 2015). And according to the Tulare County Asthma Profile, “Approximately 63,000 children and adults have been diagnosed with asthma”, showing the amount of individuals who live in Tulare County experiencing problems with asthma and are targets of having smoke inhaled in their systems, worsening their health.

The health impacts of the problem (National and state-level data within the last 5 years)
Health Effects of second hand…

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