Selling A House And Buying A New Home At The Same Time Essay

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Selling a house and buying a new home at the same time is exciting, challenging and can be done smoothly with the right realtor in place, and a well-planned schedule for closing both homes simultaneously. First things first, meet with your realtor and talk about listing your current home, while you’re looking for a new home. Your realtor can confirm what’s on the market that you’d like to purchase and what the prospect buyers are looking for when it comes to selling your existing home.
The information gives you a clear idea of timing for selling a house and your realtor can research the market conditions on your prospective new home. This first strategy is going to save you a great deal of stress for listing and selling your home and lessen the disappointment of finding the perfect new home but not ready to make an offer to purchase it.
Next is determining the market value on your current home, so you know how much you have to spend on the new home. Your realtor can help with viewing your neighborhood property comps for selling a house and taking a peek at your new neighborhood for listing prices; improving the chances of these two transactions taking place on time.
These previous steps are critical; the last thing you want to happen is a delay on your existing property closing, causing the new property to fall out of escrow. There’s another scenario, your current home could close on time and the new home’s escrow has a problem requiring another 30 days to fix. You…

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