Selfish Decisions : Cause For Victimization Essay

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Selfish Decisions: Cause for Victimization
In the Homeric epic The Iliad and Euripides’ play Hippolytus, mortals are liable for their futures to some extent, while at the same time their futures become dictated by the gods. In the Iliad and Hippolytus, fate is seen as the unknown future, which causes characters like Agamemnon and Hippolytus not to think logistically or obey the gods, but rather egotistically put themselves first when making judgments. This causes the gods/goddesses to react in a frustrated manner and make the humans their victims by controlling their futures harshly. Humans become agitated with this mistreatment, but at the same time their actions have caused the maltreatment. Through his selfishness, Agamemnon, King of the Achaeans, creates a negative fate that causes him to victimized by Apollo. During the Trojan War, the men of the Achaean army treated women like objects rather than humans. After the destruction of a Trojan town, Agamemnon had taken Chryseis, a Trojan woman, back with him as a prize. Out of moral values and rights, Chryseis’ father asked for his daughter back, but out of greed Agamemnon refused, “Don’t let me ever catch you, old man, by these ships again, skulking around now or sneaking back later. The god’s staff and ribbons won’t save you next time. The girl is mine, and she’ll be an old woman in Argos before I let her go, working the loom in my house and coming to my bed, far from her homeland. Now clear out of here before you make me…

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