Self As A Higher Level And Successful Career Essay

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After stepping into university, each student deserves the opportunity to pursue their education for a major achieving a higher level and successful career. For this reason, each student should pay attention on the methods that instruct them to effectively use the time and materials wisely and the experience that are distinct to everyone in university. In “Self-Fashioning in Society and Solitude,” Nunnerl O. Keohane suggests that personal development and improvement require each student to sustain the individual’s special quality, the independence of solitude, and people should more focus on solitude instead of communication. Nevertheless, being over independent in school is not able to shape student’s characteristic properly through developing their ability of comprehension and communication in order to reach their personal successful career. Therefore, the communication of an individual with the society is the essence of education in college; moreover, the establishment of outstanding characteristic must be based on the real free thinking with regard to education. In Keohane’s essay, he mentions that “self” is fashioned in solitude and in society. “Self” fashioned in society is the movement of persistently reflecting from other individuals, so part of “self” is created by the impact from amount of people surrounding “me.” On the other hand, “self” fashioned in solitude is the being of a person, what makes a person unique and special from the others. That is, each…

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