Essay on Self Actualization Is The Highest Humans

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Self-actualization is the highest humans can get, when it comes to feeling right with the world around us. One theorist Erikson noted “that ego integrity depends on accepting one’s life in all its complexities” (Bauer). When someone feels they are self-actualized they have a “tendency toward growth and development, under the right circumstances, lead people toward actualizing their human potential, which means to become all that they are capable of being”(Deci), full functioning. I understand this to mean that full functioning is “when an individual having access to and using all of their capacities for experience, connection and proactivity,” leading one to feel complete mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually (Deci). This will help to increase “capacities to think complexly, deeply, and richly about self and others” which is all the human condition is about (Bauer). There are “three autonomous behaviors that lead to self-actualization those being intrinsically motivated, extrinsically motivated and emotionally motivated,” say the Deci article. Intrinsic motivation is “engaging in an activity for its own sake- doing it because it is interesting and enjoyable when there are no extrinsic motivators present” (Deci). An example of intrinsic motivation for me personally is when I am reading. It is something that I enjoy doing that does not involve someone “making me”. Book reports in school were never a struggle because I enjoyed reading so much that I would always be…

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