The Importance Of Motivation In College

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College is one of the biggest commitments a person will make in their life. Many freshmen enter college with the hopes of doing well, but also fear the possibility of failure. They believe that they can get through college with the same level of commitment and motivation that they had in high school. Their first semester begins, and the students start out running. Unfortunately, halfway through the semester, many students start to lose steam. They underestimate the level of work that is needed for college and become overwhelmed. Once their motivation starts to waver, their grades will start to suffer. This scenario is a reality for some students, but it does not have to be. With the right amount of motivation, a student can excel in their classes and enjoy every moment of college.

Motivation is not an easy skill to come by for many college students, especially freshmen. All throughout high school, students have the assistance of their parents and even their teachers to help them stay on top on their work. In college, the only person a student can rely on is themselves. Every test date, every assignment, must be remembered and prioritized. Between having a job, trying to keep a social life, and keeping up with all of their classes, many students feel
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This need involves friends, intimate relationships, the ability to give and receive love, and the satisfaction of being part of a group. The fourth need is esteem, which revolves around a person 's sense of achievement, independence, status, and dominance. The fifth and final need is an individual 's self-actualization. This need involves one 's own feeling of self-fulfillment, the realization of their personal potential, and the desire to seek personal growth and discovery. At this stage, the person discovers what is most important to them in life, which makes the motivation for self-actualization unique for each

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