Secular Apocalypse Essay

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The Christian apocalypse has focused on the end of the world, expressing the concerns of the populations in regards to the end of the world. Christianity has offered a way in which people may be saved from the apocalypse. This salvation can be achieved through an intense following of the Holy Scripture’s instructions of prayer, fasting, and belief. Those who do not follow the Holy Scripture’s will be left to experience the pain of the condemned world. You will notice that the focus of this apocalypse is in preparing one’s self for a singular inevitable apocalypse that can be avoided through preparation. However, popular culture has appropriated a new interpretation of this Christian event. Instead of emphasizing on preparations for the apocalypse, the focus has shifted to ways in which society can overcome secular apocalypses. Through …show more content…
With the creation and deployment of nuclear weapons, society has gained the ability to physically view the destructive apocalyptic potential that humanity can cause. This is perhaps the first instant in which humans became aware that humans themselves have the potential to create a secular apocalypse. However, instead of fearing this new possibility, humanity tends to ignore it, trusting that world leaders will abstain from the “unthinkable” devastation of a nuclear war (James 26). This assumption of the public varies from their governmental leaders as can be seen by governmental censorship of media that instills the possibility of war, as well as, governments militarizing and arming themselves behind closed doors. This can be seen through the banning of the movie The War Game: A hyper realistic movie that depicts a modern nuclear apocalypse. Fearing

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