Secret Life Of Bees Reflection

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This year we started by reading the book the secret life of bees. We then learned how to write a story using hero’s Journey. Once we finished that we went on with debating. We read the story of 12 angry men and we started to LD debate. While we were covering the Story of “ The Secret life of Bees” I learned a lot about bees and about the Jim Crow law. I learned that there are many types of bees in a hive. For example the queen bee. She lives for about 3 years and lays all of the eggs in the hive. She is the biggest out of all the bees in the hive. Without the queen bee the hive would not be able to function, and the whole hive would soon die or leave. There are also other bees like drone and workers. Drones are all male bees and workers do all of the work. There are about 10,000 species of bees. In the story “The Secret Life of Bees” The Jim Crow law was going on. Jim Crow laws separated races like in the story. …show more content…
Hero’s journey is used in almost every story and movie. Like in the story Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone. Hero's journey in this story starts off with the call to adventure. Letters start to be sent to Harry telling him that he has been accepted to a school for wizards. At first He didn’t believe it and refused that he was a wizard. This was the refusal of the call. Once he was at the school he met, his mentor, dumbledore. Harry crosses the threshold once he was committed on going to school for wizards. During the time that he was there he was presented with many test. He finds his friends and his enemies. At the end of the story he returns back home. Hero's journey can be seen in our life sometimes to. For example coming into this school. You could see this as Hero’s journey because we had a call to adventure, and we are presented with many test along the way. Any time I have to write a story I can use hero's journey to help me get ideas on how to write it and how to plan

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