Essay on Secondhand Smoking Can Harm Your Loved Ones

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Secondhand Smoking Can Harm Your Loved Ones
You had a very long day in anatomy class and it is finally over. While on your way out to your car, someone is smoking just outside of the entrance and the puff of smoke they just exhaled is now in your line of path. The wind is blowing very hard that day mainly back in your face. Before you know it, the wind takes your breath away. As you are gasping in your attempt to catch your breath you end up inhaling the secondhand smoke from the person exercising their freedom to smoke. Your health can be in danger every time you encounter a person who is smoking or has been smoking. When a person is smoking a cigarette, pipe tobacco, or cigar, they are actively smoking. As they are actively smoking they exhale the remaining chemicals and gasses from the smoke that had not been absorbed by their lungs. This smoke is now in the form of secondhand smoke, also known as passive smoke. There are many different forms of secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is the smoke generated from the lit end of a cigarette, cigar, or pipe ("Secondhand Smoke (SHS) Facts"). When a person is exposed to secondhand smoke there is more being risked than just the person who is actively smoking’s health. A person might be exposing their three-day-old infant who just came home from the hospital to the secondhand smoke. Another person who may be affected by the secondhand smoke is your dog or your cat. Yes, man’s best friend, as well as cats, may also succumb to the…

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