Secondhand Effect Of Automobile And Automobile Industry Essay

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In 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, promising an automobile for the masses and after a year of production there were 10,000 Model Ts on the road in the United States (Giucci 3). By the 1950s, nearly every American household had an automobile (Wheely Interesting Automobile History). Ever since the first automobile was built and drove on the road, it gave a new life to United States and significantly changes the future of American people. The birth automobile in United States dramatically reshaped the economy, society, and culture of Americans in many different ways. The automobile impressively boosted the Unite States economy. In a single year, 1929, Americans spent $2.58 billion on automobiles (Henretta, Edwards, and Self 681). Also, the growth of automobile industry created domino effect throughout the US economy. It kindled the steel, petroleum, chemical, rubber, and glass businesses. In addition, the automobile business directly and indirectly provided occupations for 3.7 million workers. One of examples of secondhand effect of automobile business to US economy is the construction business. In 1916, the Federal Aid Road Act passage provided some $75 million for improving rural post roads (Berger). The act marked the introduction of the federal government into business of financing motor highways. During the same time, both the federal and state governments discovered the usefulness of making the motorists help pay for the construction and maintain of…

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