Seaworld Is A Multi Million Dollar Corporation Essay

1017 Words Mar 13th, 2016 5 Pages
SeaWorld is a multi-million dollar corporation that serves as home for 23 of arguably some of the oceans’ most beautiful creatures. Blackfish is trying to change that with a very captivating argument. Although emotionally compelling, Blackfish is an invalid argument against captivity, It offers a solution and demonstrates practicality, which makes it an argument of policy. However, it is not a valid one, for it lacks a strong and reliable foundation of evidence to support its reasoning for the solution it demands. Blackfish presents former trainers and scientific representatives who present facts about SeaWorld, as well as scientific claims that object to captivity. Although in actuality, these people, predominantly the trainers, are no longer reliable sources of proof, for they have limited knowledge and experience on the topic during the time in question. The evidence these trainers provide is outdated and invalid, and is oftentimes a fabrication of events the trainers had not experienced firsthand. The false authority of the former SeaWorld employees is used throughout the film to justify false claims. In addition, Blackfish also employs the distortion of evidence through false footage and implication, which weakens and compromises Blackfish and the evidence it exhibits. Featuring many former trainers, Blackfish relies heavily on anecdotal evidence and personal input. Although these trainers did work at SeaWorld, SeaLand, or Loro Parque, many featured had not worked at…

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