Essay on Seatbelt Safety

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Teenagers and Seatbelt Safety: Identifying the reasons Why 16 to 19 Old High-School Students Do Not Wear Seatbelt
Melissa Simmons
Research Methodology
Prepared for Soheyl Amini PhD
September 2012

Objectives The aims and objectives of this study include the following: (1) to identify the percentage of teenagers between the ages of 16 to 19 that do not wear seat belts when in a car; and (2) to identify the reasons why teenagers between the ages of 16 to 19 do not wear seat belts when in a car; (3) to identify whether there is a correlation between sex and seat belt compliance among teenagers; and (4) to determine whether attendance of a driver’s education class increases seat belt compliance among teenagers. Once this
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Once this information is known, strategies for teaching teenagers about the laws of the state with regards to seatbelt use; and the critical importance of wearing seat belts can be developed.
Which of the social paradigms presented in the reading does your inquiry set out to answer? Why do certain teenagers choose not to wear their seat belt? Applying the Micro-theory which deals with issues of social life of teens seems to be appropriate for this study; attempting to understand why teens make bad choice. Studying the social aspect of why teens do what they do and how as a society help them be compliant; at least follow the laws.
What type of things might inhibit objectivity? Teen are by nature rebellious of adult authority. Teens may object or refuse to participate in the survey. Teens may think they are too cool for a seat belt. Being aware of teen peer pressure and attempting to reach those teen with a survey research project will need to be short, informative and at their level of understanding. What is the best way to approach the subject without turning teen off with another boring lecture or presentation from an adult?
This research will attempt to understand why teens are refusing to wear their seat belt when it is the law. How as a society can it be addressed and taught to teens so they can be safe and be able to understand the

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