Essay about Search For Pi And Richard Parker

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Chaos erupts the moment the Tsimtsum capsizes into the turbulent waves of the stormy Pacific Ocean. Pi watches powerlessly from a lifeboat as his life sinks/ family disappears in front of his eyes. Pi soon discovers he is not the only one on the lifeboat. He learns he must share his lifeboat with an orangutan, hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, and a Bengal tiger, named Richard Parker. The hyena dispatches the zebra and the orangutan. Consequently, Richard Parker kills the hyena. After the slaughtering concludes, Pi and Richard Parker are the only ones who have survived. Pi realizes he must train Richard Parker, in order to remain alive. Miraculously, Pi succeeds in training the Bengal tiger, but he and Richard Parker constantly are on the edge of starvation. Every day becomes a struggle for Pi and Richard Parker to simply obtain the necessities of life. Months later, the pair locates a mysterious island, abounding with algae and a thriving meerkat population. However, the island does not provide Pi and Richard Parker with their salvation and they soon discover the island has murderous algae, which will eventually consume them. Finally after two hundred and twenty-seven days coexisting with a Bengal tiger, Pi’s lifeboat lands in Mexico, and he is transported to a hospital. Richard Parker abandons Pi and disappears into a forest as soon as the lifeboat reaches land. At the hospital, Pi recounts his story to two Japanese officials. The interviewers do not believe Pi’s story…

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