Sea Turtles : The Sea Turtle Essay

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Sea Turtles: Sea turtles are another species which is drastically effected by longline fishing being caught as another bycatch. The two sea turtles who are accidentally caught more often are the loggerhead sea turtle and the leatherback sea turtle. Both of these sea turtles have been known to be on endangered lists and unless we can change our fishing methods these innocent organisms could be lost in the near future. In a study by R. Lewison, et al. (2004) they were able to estimate the regions which both of these sea turtles are caught in the world. The loggerhead sea turtle is accidentally caught more often in the regions of the Mediterranean and Pacific Ocean. The leatherback sea turtle is accidentally caught more in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. There are other regions which these turtles are caught but not as often. In an experiment done by J. Watson, et al. (2005), they looked at the amount of bycatch for the loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles. They wanted to focus on where the hooks were when the sea turtle was caught as bycatch. The loggerhead sea turtle swallowed a total of 58 hooks with only 7 being retrieved, 31 hooks were caught in their mouths with only 1 not being able to remove, and there were 2 external hooks which were removed. The leatherback sea turtle swallowed 0 hooks, 8 hooks were caught in their mouths, and 115 were hooked externally. The external hook is if the sea turtles are hooked in the fin or possibly around the shell. Total hooks for…

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